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Gracia Grindal A Revelry of Harvest., Writer's Showcase 2002

A collection of poems on life in the Midwestern Lutheran world.

Gracia Grindal Sing the Faith: Hymns of Grace., Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress 2002

Helps on understanding the life and origin of some of our greatest Lutheran hymns.

Gracia Grindal Lessons in Hymnwriting., Hymn Society of America and Canada 2000

A workbook on how to write hymns texts in English.

Gracia Grindal We Are One in Christ: Hymns, Paraphrases, and Translations., Kingston, NY: Selah Publishing 1996

A collection of hymn texts drawn from life, Scripture and other great Lutheran hymn writers.

Gracia Grindal Good News of Great Joy: Advent Devotions for the Home., Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress 1994


Arnfrídur Gudmundsdottir Meeting God on the Cross: Christ, the Cross, and the Feminist Critique., New York: Oxford University Press 2010

This book aims to construct a feminist theology of the cross, giving hope to those who are searching for courage and strength, amidst suffering and pain. While the symbol of the cross cannot be recovered by women without a recognition of its abuse, I maintain that often the difference is not recognized between abuse of the cross and an essentially abusive theology of the cross.


S.D. Giere., Shauna K. Hannan, Richard I. Pervo, Nancy Claire Pittman New Proclamation, Series A, Easter through Christ the King., Minneapolis: Fortress Press 2011

Commentary on the Revised Common Lectionary texts for Year A (Easter through Christ the King Sunday). Intended to aid the preacher in exegesis for sermon preparation.


Susan Karen Hedahl Listening Ministry: Rethinking Pastoral Leadership., Minneapolis: Fortress Press 2001

This book presents a unique blend of theological reflection on listening, new and tested research on listening as it relates to church leadership, and suggested forms of listening education and skills assessment in a continual effort to locate and understand listening as the heart of effective and faithful ministry.


J. G. Herder Against Pure Reason: Writings on History, Language, and Religion., ed. Bunge, Marcia. trans. Bunge, Marcia Fortress Press 1993

A selection of writings by the 19th century German theologian J. G. Herder, edited and translated by Bunge.



Hollie M Holt-Woehl Congregations as Trinitarian Communities: Accepting, Welcoming, and Supporting People with Chronic Mental Illness., Saarbrucken, Germany: VDM Verlag Dr. Mueller 2009

Holt-Woehl seeks to discover common characteristics of congregations that are accepting, welcoming, and supporting of people with mental illness. The work includes a literature review on congregations and mental illness as well as a study of six congregations. The author discovered a common view, in each congregation, that every person is a child of God and gifted by God whether or not they have mental illness.