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Contribute - Lutheran Women's Works in Religion (LWWR)


We have developed an impressive list so far … and you can help!

Certainly, there are more Lutheran women we all need to know about and learn from. Persons wishing to submit an annotated database entry may do so by filling out the online form below. At regular intervals throughout the calendar year, the database will be updated to include new submissions.


Please enter your Name as Last name, First Name.

Title refers to the title of the work you are submitting (e.g. book title, chapter title, sermon title).

If you are submitting a chapter or article, please include the name of the book or journal under Publication Title.

For the Description, include 2-3 short sentences describing the work. (Part of LWWR’s uniqueness is that it is an annotated list of works. Text in this description will be searchable.)

When choosing a Category, think broadly, and choose as many categories as are appropriate for your work, For example, a Bible study on discipleship can be categorized as Biblical Studies, Congregational Life, and Teaching/Pedagogy.

The Category examples below are not all-inclusive, but offered as a guideline.

  • Biblical Studies: Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Apocrypha, specific books of (or people in) the Bible, language studies
  • Church History and Historical Theology: Reformation History, Council of Nicaea, formation of AELC
  • Ecclesiology and Ecclesial Life: congregational life and leadership, stewardship
  • Ethics: Morality, rights, social issues, national/international issues
  • Pastoral Care and Theology: chaplaincy, addictions, life passages
  • Teaching and Pedagogy: university/seminary, Sunday school, Bible studies for all ages
  • Theology: nature of God; public, practical, and/or liberationist theologies; systematics
  • Worship and Preaching: sermons, hymnody

In the Author World Region section, we have provided three opportunities for you to identify your background as an author. Our goal is to make it easier for users to become informed about writings from around the globe. You can help us in that effort by filling out as much information as possible.

Along with a text field to enter your self-identified ethnic/racial designation, you will also have the option to identify by world region (as recognized by the Lutheran World Federation), as well as by ethnic/racial designation (as recognized by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s ethnic-specific ministries).

World region, ethnic/racial designation, and your self-identified information is searchable. We encourage you to enter information for each option. That way, an LWWR user interested in (for example) the works of Lutheran women in Brazil, or works by Palestinian Lutheran Women, can target those characteristics in their search.


All submissions will be reviewed before being added to LWWR.


Thank you for increasing the visibility of women’s scholarship!