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Kirsi Stjerna Reading Christian Theology in the Protestant Tradition., In Stjerna: Sixteenth Century Christiantity. eds. Kelly M. Kapic and Melanie Webb. T&T Clark, Forthcoming

A textbook, introducing central theological texts and their significance for/in the Reformations.

Kirsi Stjerna Martin Luther, the Bible, and the Jewish People, with Brooks Schramm., Minneapolis: Fortress Press, Forthcoming 2012

A textbook, with introductions and notes to Luther‘s texts, in light of Luther‘s theological development, exegetical work, and Jewish history


Martha Stortz Blessed to Follow: The Beatitudes as a Compass for Discipleship., Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress 2008

Each chapter in Blessed to Follow is structured around a similar pattern: appeal to experience; biblical stories; Jesus: the one blessing and the one blessed; disciples: blessed to be a blessing; practice: the blessing made real. Includes questions for discussion and additional resources.


Deanna Thompson Crossing the Divide: Luther, Feminism and the Cross., Minneapolis: Fortress Press 2004

Equally committed to the insights of Luther‘s theology of the cross and feminist theology, I seek in this book common ground on issues of suffering, abuse, atonement, reform, ethics, and the import of Jesus, all of which culminates in a constructive proposal for a feminist theology of the cross.


P. Rosenblatt, B. R. Wallace African-American Grief., New York: Brunner Routledge Press 2005

This book explains how racism, economic disadvantage, and the operation of distinctive African American beliefs, practices, and institutions impact the grief process. The narratives of this qualitative research project of African American individuals who have experienced the loss of a loved one suggest that traditional understandings of the bereavement are insufficient to explain African Americans‘ unique experience of loss.


Ritva H Williams The Minister’s Annual Manual 2004-2005 – Revised Common Lectionary (Selected Entries)., Inver Grove Heights, MN: Logos Publications Inc 2004

Entries for April 24, May 1, 5, 8. A set of four sermon starters for the relevant lectionary texts.


Rivta H. Williams The Bible’s Importance for the Church Today., Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress 1993

This book is about remembering why our ancestors in faith wrote the Bible and recovering its importance for the church today. I seek to provide an alternative to literalism and liberalism by integrating ancient perspectives with contemporary scholarship so that we can once again claim the Bible as a means of grace that forms, informs, transforms and reforms the faith of individuals and communities.


Rivta H. Williams Stewards, Prophets, Keepers of the Word: Leadership in the Early Church., Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Publishers 2006

I explore the roles of stewards, prophets, keepers of the word in the ancient Mediterranean cultures in order to demonstrate how early church leaders in the first and second centuries drew on these roles to subvert dominant power structures, justify innovation, create and preserve the emerging traditions of and about Jesus. This study draws on anthropological insights to critically assess Greco-Roman and early Christian sources.


Rivta H. Williams 1-2 Corinthians, Leader and Learner., Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress 2011

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