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"“Lutheran Visionaries: The Public Square and the Church”" In Women with 2020 Vision: American Theologians on the Voice, Vote, and Vision of Women. ed. Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner. Minneapolis: Fortress Press 2020

Challenging and changing the effects of racism and sexism because of faith takes the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America into the public square to to address difficult social, political, and economic problems. Yet the problems of racism and sexism are within the ELCA, too. Lutheran women of color serve as visionaries in the public square and in the church, cultivating the love of neighbor and God’s ongoing reformation of the church.

Marcia J. Bunge "Ethical and Theological Arguments for Peace: An Examination of the Roman Catholic and Methodist Statements of Peace" In Peace and Justice: Toward an Ecumenical Peace Ethic. ed. Götz Planer-Friedrich. Geneva: LWF Studies 1990

Parallel issue in German: Frieden und Gerechtigkeit: Auf dem Weg zu einer ökumenischen Friedensethik, (München: Kaiser, 1989).

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Collaborative statement with Richard B. Hays, Duke Divinity School, George Hunsinger, Princeton Theological Seminary, Richard V. Pierard, Gordon College, Glen Stassen, Fuller Theological Seminary, and Jim Wallis, Sojourners. Released to and covered by national media October 2004.


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