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Millennials and Lutheran Ethics: A Doorway Back Into Connection

Millennials are a hot topic in churches today–how do we stop churches from hemorrhaging them. Writing as a millennial herself, Dean examines why millennials are saying they’re leaving churches, what they are looking for in a faith community, and how Lutheran ethics can provide a space for millennials to re-engage. ​

Editor’s Introduction: Hope and Anxiety

How does the reality of hope address the deepest anxieties of human beings? This issue explores this question from a variety of perspectives. It seeks to illuminate the intergenerational and gender contours of anxiety as well as its intra-generational manifestations among Baby Boomers and Millennials. It also reflects on this question drawing upon rich biblical […]

Consumerism on Campus: A Lutheran Response

[1] At the University where I serve as campus pastor, an undergraduate named James1 has found himself a lucrative job. He works as a Red Bull Student Brand Manager, which means he gets paid to attend campus events and hand out free cans of Red Bull energy beverage, take photos at parties and write blog […]

Young Adults in Global Mission: Life without Consumerism

[1] “Is that really what it’s like in the United States, Heidi?” asked an elderly friend as we sat around the kitchen table one afternoon. “Isn’t it true that everybody has their own bedroom and their own house? That everybody has cars and big televisions and internet in their houses? I’d never go myself; I’m […]

Perspective of African American Youth Leadership in the Lutheran Church

Introduction/Purpose [1] This paper addresses African American youth leadership and the role that the Lutheran church can play in their development. In giving our opinion, based on our experiences on this subject, we will define youth, citing some of their needs as it applies to leadership. We will 1) identify how the church responds to […]