Holy Land/Israel/Palestine

Palestine and Israel, 1947-2002

[1] The report of the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine came before the General Assembly for a vote on November 29, 1947. On the basis of their four month investigation, the majority of UNSCOP’s members concluded that a partition creating two states, one Jewish and one Arab, in the territory that Great Britain had […]

Forum on Israel and Palestine

On July 3, 2002, JLE brought together a group of scholars to discuss the role of the United States in Israel and Palestine. Participants exchanged e-mails for two hours, exploring the current U.S. policy and the possibilities for future U.S. action. The invited Palestinian participant was unable to join the forum. The discussion, however, was […]

A Call to End the Cycle of Violence in Israel and Palestine

[1] As the United States considers various responses to the September 11 attacks, including bringing to justice the perpetrators of the attacks, we, as a nation, should be giving attention to the root causes of terrorism and the anger, fear, and sense of hopelessness that prompt a few to act desperately and violently. [2] All […]

Grieving for the Innocent Lives

[1] I cried for a time, thinking about the horrible deaths of all of the innocent people trapped in the World Trade Center, and of the rescuers who gave their own lives to save others. But as I cried I became increasingly angry, not only at the terrorists, but also at the root cause of […]