A Preface to The Church in the Corporate World

[1] Enron and Tyco, Arthur Anderson and WorldCom: all have become household words and all bring up the questions of how and why we got to this place in our history. Since the formation of the ELCA, the church has been involved in the work of corporate social responsibility and that work has been spurring […]

Finding Vocation in the Corporation

[1] “Did you notice that there is not stained glass in the lobby of this building when you walked in here this morning?” my interviewer asked. “I noticed that,” I replied and retorted, “and funny thing, I didn’t see a cross on top of 50th floor either.” It was the winter of 2000 and this […]

The Argentine Crisis: Economy, Society and Ethics in Times of Globalization

Where We Are [1] The full dimension of the economy in today’s world signifies a concentration of power and influence that penetrates economic, political, social and cultural life. As a result, the character of contemporary capitalist society is experimenting fundamental transformations that have significant repercussions on the populations of developed and developing countries. One cannot […]

Assessing Major Energy Options

The energy alternatives available to energy policy-makers are too numerous to consider in detail. Below is a list of the major alternatives, notes on each, and a summary assessment. 1) Conservation or energy efficiency, while technically not a source of energy, is an alternative that avoids the increased use of other sources. a. Forms: more […]

Sharing as a Central Practice in the Economy of God

(Author’s note: This article extends some earlier work that Shannon Jung has done in formulating a Biblical–theological foundation for understanding eating as a spiritual and moral practice. Food for Life: The Spirituality and Ethics of Eating (Fortress 2004) claims that God had two purposes in creating food: to contribute to delight, and for sharing. In […]

The Benefits of Globalization: An Economic Perspective

[1] Introduction. The process of globalization of the world economies has recently generated severe protests from many quarters, including on the pages of this journal (Moe-Lobeda, 2001; Yutzis, 2001). Among these critics, almost every social ill from poverty to pollution to pestilence seems to be caused by globalization and the evils of capitalism. In this […]

La Crisis Argentina: Economía, Sociedad y Etica en tiempos de la Globalización

Donde estamos [1] La dimensión que ha alcanzado hoy el conjunto de la economía, significa una concentración tal de poder y de influencia penetrante de tipo económico, político, social y cultural, que el carácter de la sociedad capitalista contemporánea tiene está experimentando transformaciones fundamentales con repercusiones significativas sobre las poblaciones de los países desarrollados y […]

Four Lessons from Enron

[1] The Enron scandal is a painful example of what can go wrong in American business. Fundamentally, the American style of capitalism depends on trust. It needs to be able to depend on promises made, on reports being truthful, on facts being facts. To be sure, occasional relatively small mistakes, short delays, or little lies […]

Consumer Families, Virtue and the Common Good

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[1]The debate over what constitutes and how to live “family values” continues and revolves primarily around the meanings and practices of marriage. Receiving less attention is how Christian families, in whatever form, strive to live with justice and compassion in a culture that is increasingly characterized by individualism, unsustainable patterns of consumption, and competition.1 Rather […]