Call for Papers 2021

Call for Submissions

Journal of Lutheran Ethics (JLE) is issuing a call for submissions to be included for several upcoming issues in 2021.  JLE is looking for writing that offers ethical deliberation and theological reflection for its readership that includes academics, clergy, and interested laity.  Final articles should be thoughtful and engaging, written at a reading level accessible to a typical first year college student.

For more information on how to format JLE submissions go to: 

AUGUST 2021:  Lutheran Higher Education: What is unique to the mission of ELCA Lutheran institutions of higher learning? How ought/can the church support Lutheran colleges and seminaries?  How ought/can Lutheran institutions of higher learning serve the church and society? Proposals due by MAY 15. Proposals will be evaluated and approved by June 1. Papers due by July 1, 2021 to

OCTOBER 2021: Pan-Lutheran Dialogue:  What is our ethical commitment to  debate and discussion with other types of Lutherans in the 500th anniversary year of the Diet of Worms.  Proposals due by July 15.  Proposals will be evaluated and approved by August 1. Papers due by September 1, 2021 to

DECEMBER 2021: Guidelines for Pastoral Ethics. An open forum to discuss the nature and purpose of pastoral ethics as well as responses to the former use of Visions and Expectations or to new hopes for new guidelines.  In particular, authors are invited to consider guidelines around the use of technology and social media, rules concerning marriage and family, concepts of boundaries, and the problems of debt. Proposals due by October 15.  Proposals will be evaluated and approved by November 1. Papers due by November 1, 2021 to  Please see Guide to Submitting papers.


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Please note, the above list is not exhaustive; JLE will consider article ideas that offer ethical deliberation and theological reflection on other aspects of these topics and on other topics. Initial abstracts should be 250 words.  Final Articles should be 2500-3000 words long. Please submit a brief CV along with your initial abstract.

Submission Information:

  • Please send initial abstracts to the editor at Please put JLE SUBMISSION in the subject line.
  • Consult the “Article Submission Guidelines
  • More information on JLE, its mission, and its guidelines for submission can be found at


The JLE invites readers to submit reviews of recent books that contribute to theological reflection or ethical deliberation on important issues in church and society.  This includes books that may not themselves be theological in nature, but that help readers understand pressing social issues facing the church and the world.  The JLE welcomes reviews of books targeted toward academics, clergy and/or lay readers. Book Reviews are typically 1000-1500 words.  Books do not need to be on the focus theme of the Issue.

The book review editor makes the final determination on books, reviewers and reviews to be included in the JLE.

Send proposed reviews (book to be reviewed and a brief description about the direction your review would take) to Nancy Arnison through Jennifer Hockenbery Dragseth at Put BOOK REVIEW in the subject line.

You may also contact us simply to register your desire to serve as a book reviewer; indicate your areas of expertise and interest.