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Gail Ramshaw Christian Worship: 100,000 Sundays of Symbols and Ritual., Minneapolis: Fortress Press 2008

This unique textbook not only lays out the religious-studies framework of a contemporary understanding of worship, it also offers a full history of Christian worship in each historical period, including the American experience. Addresses ongoing issues in our understanding of Christian Worship (gender, authority, ethics, skepticism) and places them into an explicitly cross-religious framework with Islam, Judaism, and other religions.

Gail Ramshaw, Mons Tieg Using Evangelical Lutheran Worship: Keeping Time, The Church’s Years., Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress 2009

Explores why Christians have different ways of looking at time, at how the life of the church is ordered and organized by days, weeks, seasons, and years. It provides detailed information about Sundays, festivals, seasons and commemorations as well as daily prayer.

Melina Quivik The Christian Funeral., Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress 2005

In recent years, pressure has come upon North American society to jettison the Christian funeral and opt instead for the services of a funeral business. Quivik helps the reader explore the deeper meaning of the Christian funeral so that the resources of private businesses in the burial event can be put to their proper use.

Melina Quivik Serving the Word: Preaching in Worship., Minneapolis: Fortress Press 2009

This book invites the reader to see how God’s word can become the crux not only of the sermon but of the worship service as a whole. The preached word, then, and the liturgical event within which preaching is located become integral to each other. This book invites the reader to explore how-through God’s word-preaching informs and is, in turn, supported by the worship event as a whole.

Barbara Lundblad Transforming the Stone: Preaching through Resistance to Change., Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press 2001

Matthew‘s resurrection story pictures an angel rolling away the stone and sitting down on it, transforming the stone of death into a resurrection pulpit. The image of stones moves through the book with a focus on how to help preachers tend to and move through resistance from listeners.

Barbara Lundblad Traveling on Holy Ground: Pocket Devotions for Lent, Year C., Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress 2004

This Lenten devotional includes reflections for each day from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday for Year C of the lectionary. Traveling on Holy Ground includes a Bible citation, a brief Bible reading, a meditation, and a short prayer. It is intended for individual use and geared toward adults.

Barbara Lundblad Marking Time: Preaching Biblical Stories in Present Tense., Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press 2007

Based on the Beecher Lectures at Yale Divinity School this book explores how biblical texts mark our times in history and how our times mark the texts. Three texts are explored in depth: the Shunnamite woman in II Kings 4, the rich man who comes to Jesus in Mark, and the Ethiopian eunuch baptized on a desert road in Acts 8.

Kathryn Kleinhans Book of Faith Lenten Journey: Seven Wonders of the World., Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress 2010

Each day the journey begins with a biblical verse, followed by a brief reflection on that verse. Following the daily reflection you will journey, explore and find meaning through meditation, questions to ponder, prayer.

S.D. Giere., Shauna K. Hannan, Richard I. Pervo, Nancy Claire Pittman New Proclamation, Series A, Easter through Christ the King., Minneapolis: Fortress Press 2011

Commentary on the Revised Common Lectionary texts for Year A (Easter through Christ the King Sunday). Intended to aid the preacher in exegesis for sermon preparation.

Gracia Grindal Pulpit Rock., Arizona: Blue Moon Press 1976

A chapbook of poems.