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Christian Education as Evangelism duplicate entry., Minneapolis: Fortress 2005

A collaborative writing project of the professors of Christian Education at the then ten Lutheran Seminaries of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, this book shows how education and evangelism, often pitted against one another, must go together. To carry out goals of evangelical outreach, education is essential, and education which is alive needs to spring forth in a vital sharing of the Good News.


Marit A. Trelstad, ed. Cross Examinations: Readings on the Meaning of the Cross Today., Minneapolis: Fortress Press 2006

This exciting volume gathers theologians and historians who have thought through critical and constructive issues regarding the meaning of the cross for today‘s Christians. Following an expert introduction to the issues and options by editor Marit Trelstad, each author addresses the Christian symbol of the cross in the context of current theological, sociological, political, or environmental issues.


Carl F Schalk: A Life In Song., In Carl F Schalk: A Life In Song. St Louis: Concordia 2013

A critical biography of the leading authority on Lutheran church music and a developer of the Lutheran Book of Worship. Anecdotes, interviews, and opinions about the hymns, liturgy, and worship life of the church.


One-Minute Devotions for the Church Musician., In One-Minute Devotions for the Church Musician. St Louis: MorningStar 2010 2011 2012

Reflections for the church musician on the scriptures designated for the Revised Common Lectionary. Available for all three lectionary cycles. Useful as choir devotionals or for the musician’s personal preparation.


Love Without Limits: Jesus’ Radical Vision for Love, with No Exceptions., Fortress Press August 2018

Love Without Limits is an award-winning memoir and practical how-to-guide for love across division and difference in these troubled times. Through poignant personal memoir, stunning authenticity, creative readings of scripture, inspiring true stories of boundary-busting friendships, and surprising shout-outs to love’s unsung heroes, Bussie challenges readers to widen love’s wingspan so far that it excludes no one. Publishers Weekly praised this book as a “must-read for all Christians interested in inclusivity in their communities.”


Sharon Betcher Spirit and the Politics of Disablement., Minneapolis: Fortress Press 2007

Betcher analyzes our world and God’s embodied presence in the light of her own disability and the insight it affords. When released from the ― “ideology of normalcy,” disablement, she claims, has revealed powerful alternative understandings of the body and body politic, in Scripture, in the actions of Jesus, in the healing work of the Spirit at work in the world.


Sharon Betcher Calling of the Nations: Biblical Hermeneutics, Colonial & Postcolonial PreOccupations.., eds. Mark Vessey, Sharon Betcher, Harry Maier, and Robert Daum. Toronto: University of Toronto Press 2051

Current notions of nationhood, communal identity, territorial entitlement, and collective destiny are deeply rooted in historic interpretations of the Bible. Interweaving elements of history, theology, literary criticism, and cultural theory, the essays in this volume discuss the ways in which biblical understandings have shaped Western – and particularly European and North American – assumptions about the nature and meaning of the nation.

Sharon Betcher Paradise Highway: Of Global Cities and Postcolonial Reading Practices, epilogue to Calling of the Nations: Biblical Hermeneutics, Colonial & Postcolonial PreOccupations., eds. Mark Vessey, Sharon Betcher, Harry Maier, and Robert Daum . Toronto: University of Toronto 2010

Considers how, in Vancouver, the sacred texts of different traditions must and can be read through postcolonial hermeneutics, given the ways in which religio-ethnic communities now reside one beside each other along Paradise Highway.


Karen L. Bloomquist Grace, Care and Justice: A Handbook for HIV and AIDS work., LWF 2007


Karen L. Bloomquist The Dream Betrayed: Religious Challenge of the Working-Class., Fortress 1990 (a re-write of my Ph.D. dissertation, ― "Toward the Redemption of American White Working Class Reality: a Liberation Theology")

A revisioning of theology and reinterpretation of sin and redemption in relation to class realities in American society, drawing on insights of political, liberation, feminist and Lutheran theology.