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Lisa Dahill "Reading from the Underside of Selfhood: Bonhoeffer and Spiritual Formation" In Minding the Spirit: The Study of Christian Spirituality. eds. Dreyer, Elizabeth A., and Mark S. Burrows. Baltimore and London: Johns Hopkins University Press 2005 : 249-266

An abstract of the central themes of the book above with the same title, originally published in xSpiritus: A Journal of Christian Spirituality (Fall 2001).


Gracia Grindal "Women in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America" In University of South Carolina Press. eds. Catherine Wessinger, and Frederick Denny, eds. May 1996 : 180-210
Gracia Grindal "How Lutheran Women Came to be Ordained" In Lutheran women in ordained ministry 1970-1995: reflections and perspectives. ed. Gloria E. Bengston, editor. Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress 1995 : 33-44
Gracia Grindal "Women in the Lutheran Tradition" In Serving the Word: Lutheran Women. ed. Marilyn Preus. New York: Augsburg Fortress : 21-33
Gracia Grindal "Free and Living Congregations: How Can Congregational Freedom be Assured?" In Church Roots. ed. Charles Lutz. Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress 1985 : 185-206


Gracia Grindal "Lina Sandell and Berthe Kanutte Aarflot and Bride Mysticism" In The Pietist Impulse of Christianity. eds. Carlson, G. William, Christopher Gertz, and Christian T. Collins Winn. Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications 2011 : 187-198 (Eric Holst, series editor)
Arnfrídur Gudmundsdottir "More Pain, More Gain! On Mel Gibson’s Film, ‘The Passion of the Christ’" In Recent Releases: The Bible in Contemporary Cinema. eds. Hallbäck, Geert, and Annika Hvitamar. Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix Press 2008

Gibson‘s movie, The Passion of the Christ, among other important issues, triggered questions of authenticity, interpretation and the use of sources. My aim in this article is twofold: first of all, to examine Gibson‘s use of sources, of biblical as well as extra-biblical origin; secondly, to provide a theological reading of Gibson‘s interpretation of the passion story.


Shauna K. Hannan "Lutheran Preaching and the Third Use of the Law" In Proclaiming the Gospel: Preaching for the Life of the Church. ed. Brian K. Peterson. Fortress Press 2009

This chapter shows that the debate over the ―third use of the law‖ in preaching is alive and well and provides a brief summary of the history of the debate. It also encourages preachers to engage questions about the third use of the law and preaching, articulate their viewpoints, and examine their sermons in relation to these articulated viewpoints.


Elizabeth Huwiler "Proverbs: Annotations and excurses" In The New Interpreter's Study Bible: New Revised Standard Version with the Apocrypha. Nashville: Abingdon Press 2001
Elizabeth Huwiler "Ecclesiastes" In Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs. eds. Elizabeth Huwiler and Roland E. Murphy. Peabody: Hendrickson Publishers 1999

Commentary on New International Version. Includes extensive introductory material, including theological relevance.