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Marcia J. Bunge "Ethical and Theological Arguments for Peace: An Examination of the Roman Catholic and Methodist Statements of Peace" In Peace and Justice: Toward an Ecumenical Peace Ethic. ed. Götz Planer-Friedrich. Geneva: LWF Studies 1990

Parallel issue in German: Frieden und Gerechtigkeit: Auf dem Weg zu einer ökumenischen Friedensethik, (München: Kaiser, 1989).


Marcia J. Bunge "Child, Children: Greco-Roman-Antiquity and New Testament" In The Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (EBR). ed. Kristina Dronsch. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, forthcoming


Marcia J. Bunge "Education and the Child in 18th Century German Pietism: Perspectives from the Work of A. H. Francke" In The Child in Christian Thought. ed. Marcia Bunge. Grand Rapdis: Eerdmans 2001


Marcia J. Bunge "The Vocation of Children and Parents: Sacred Vision and Spiritual Practices" In Children’s Voices. Children’s Perspectives in Ethics, Theology and Religious Education. eds. Annemie Dillen and Didier Pollefeyt. Leuven: BETL, Peeters Publishing 2010 : 329-356
Marcia J. Bunge "Biblical Views of Nature: Foundations for an Environmental Ethic" In Care of the Earth. ed. Tina B. Krause. Chicago: The Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago 1994
Marcia J. Bunge "Materials for “Care of Creation”" In Our Children at Risk: Hope for Our Future Together—an educational resource for the ELCA. Minneapolis: Augsburg-Fortress Press 1991


Lisa Dahill "There’s Some Contradiction Here: Gender and the Relation of Above and Below in Bonhoeffer" In Interpreting Bonhoeffer: Essays on Method and Approaches. eds. Green, Clifford J., and Guy C. Carter. Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Press

Explores Bonhoeffer’s views on gender — a shadow side of his thinking — both as his theology shifts under Hitler and in glimpses of potential breakthroughs in the conspiracy/prison period. Its use of literary genre analysis provides a lens for retrieving a more life-giving Bonhoefferian view of gender.

Lisa Dahill "Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945), Life Together" In Christian Spirituality: The Classics. ed. Holder, Arthur. London and New York: Routledge 2010 : 329-40

Traces the context, content, and key insights of Life Together for 21st century readers, noting connections to neo-monasticism, to discussions of “real vs. virtual” community, and to the ecological context of our contemporary life together.

Lisa Dahill "Con-Formation with Christ: Bonhoeffer, Social Location, and Embodiment" In Being Human, Becoming Human: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Social Thought. eds. Zimmerman, Jens, and Brian Gregor. Eugene, OR: Pickwick Books/Wipf & Stock 2010 : 188-202

Explores Bonhoeffer’s theology of human embodiment, developing five primary insights on the Christian significance of the body and refracting the discussion through the experience glimpsed in the 2009 film “Precious.”

Lisa Dahill "The Genre of Gender: Gender and the Academic Study of Christian Spirituality" In Exploring Christian Spirituality: Essays in Honor of Sandra M. Schneiders, IHM. eds. Lescher, Bruce H., and Elizabeth Liebert, SNJM. Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press 2006 : 98-118

Both gender and spirituality are incredibly complex realities, difficult to define yet reaching to the core of human and Christian life. This essay articulates multiple layers and aspects of the meaning of gender within the overarching framework of the Christian experience of God. A concluding section sketches implications of such exploration for the study of spirituality.