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Carol LaHurd "Recite in the Name of Your Lord: Resources for Introducing Islam and the Qur’an to Christians" Summer In Dialog: A Journal of Theology. vol. 42, no. 2, 2002 : 170-172

In the face of ongoing ethnic and political conflicts worldwide, reading and discussion of scripture across religious boundaries is one strategy for defusing antagonisms. Drawing upon the author’s experience with both biblical interpretation and dialogue among Jews, Christians, and Muslims, this essay describes potential benefits and hazards of such interfaith reading and provides practical suggestions for initiating this form of dialogue encounter.

Carol LaHurd "Holding Together the Gospel and Interfaith Relations in a Lifelong Journey" In Currents in Theology and Mission. vol. 32, no. 4, August 2005 : 245-255

The essay consults interfaith encounters, diverse biblical portrayals of God, and theological responses to religious pluralism to answer the question of how a Christian can both be faithful to the Gospel and respond to persons of other religious traditions with respect, friendship, and shared social action.

Laurie Jungling "Passionate Order: Order and Sexuality in Augustine’s Theology" Summer In Word & World. vol. 27, no. 3, 2007

Augustine‘s understandings of order and sex are interwoven themes throughout his theological work. While Augustine moved beyond a strict body-soul dualism to retain sex as a part of God‘s created order, sex after the Fall became for Augustine a theological concept as a symbol, evidence, and paradigm of disordered sinfulness. This move has left a historical legacy that has caused much suffering to those who seem to fall outside Augustine‘s order.

Sarah Hinlicky-Wilson "Commentary: Of Jesus, Mary, and a Gender Peace for Postmodernity" In UPI. December 8 2000

An exploration of how the birth of the baby boy Jesus to the woman Mary can offer insights toward the end of the ―war between the sexes.‖

Jennifer L. Bayne, Sarah Hinlicky-Wilson "Free to Be Creatures Again" In Christianity Today. October 23 2000

A personal testimony combined with doctrinal argument about the importance and relevance of the doctrine of predestination for Christian faith today.

"There‘s Something About Mary" Winter In Re:generation Quarterly. vol. 5, no. 4, 2000

A personal story of a young Lutheran woman making peace with Mary, the mother of God, and in the process finding her vocation to ministry.

Sarah Hinlicky-Wilson "Ordaining Women: Two Views (Part II)" In First Things. April 2003

A response to a Catholic perspective opposed to the ordination of women, underscoring the trinitarian, christological, and anthropological reasons for ordaining women.

Sarah Hinlicky-Wilson "Temple & Sword" Summer In Christian History and Biography. 2004

An exploration of the life of and traditions about Mary, mother of God, from the dedication of Jesus in the temple through her many ―sorrows.‖

"The Face of Jesus, Part II" In Lutheran Forum. vol. 42, no. 4, 2006 : 3-10

A multi-level essay exploring the theological meaning and spiritual impact of various racial depictions of Jesus.

Sarah Hinlicky-Wilson "The Face of Jesus, Part I" Fall In Lutheran Forum. vol. 42, no. 3, 2008 : 6-11

A multi-level essay exploring the theological meaning and spiritual impact of various racial depictions of Jesus.