Category: Theology


Kirsi Stjerna "Koulutusmahdollisuuksia USA:ssa [Study Prospects in the USA.]" In Reseptio (Kirkon ulkomaanasiain keskuksen teologisten asiain tiedotuslehti). vol. 3, 1993

An article discussing the opportunities with studying theology in USA. (in Finnish)

Kirsi Stjerna "Tarvitseeko kirkko feministiteologiaa [Does the Church Need Feminist Theology]" In Kotimaa. vol. 6, 1992

A column making the case for the urgent contribution of feminist theology in the church. (in Finnish)

Kirsi Stjerna "Birgitan merkitys [Birgitta’s Significance]" In Birgitan Ystävät Jäsenlehti. vol. 3, 1991

An article re-evaluating the significance of Birgitta of Sweden as a 14th century female mystic, a church leader and a visionary theologian. (in Finnish)

Kirsi Stjerna "Isä kirkon valossa. Teologiaa ja feminismiä [In the Shadow of the Father Church: On Theology and Feminism]" In Naistutkimus [Journal of Women's Studies]. vol. 1, 1991

An article discussing the importance of feminist perspectives in theological work. (in Finnish)

Deanna Thompson "Luther, Feminism, Friendship and the Future" Fall In Dialog: A Journal of Theology. 2010

This article recounts my journey of becoming a Lutheran feminist theologian. Drawing on insights from both Lutheran and feminist traditions, I propose a shift in Christian vocation imagery from that of servant to friend, arguing that the call to friendship includes subverting global structures of domination. I end with an invitation to join the expanding conversation about how Lutheran and feminist frameworks address the needs of our contemporary world.

Deanna Thompson "The Trouble with Miracles; Word Wrangling; Embraced by the Virtual Body of Christ" Summer-Fall In Working Preacher. 2010

These articles represent attempts to think theologically about living with stage IV cancer.

Deanna Thompson "Hoping for More" Fall In Faith and Leadership (Duke University website). 2010

This article addresses the challenge of hoping for more—both in this life and the next—while facing a stage IV cancer diagnosis.

Rivta H. Williams "Homosexuality and the Bible – An ELCA Lutheran Scholar‘s Perspective" Winter In Journal of Theological and Justice Opinion. vol. 1, no. 1, 2004

This is an op-ed piece arguing for a critical traditionalist hermeneutic that avoids both literalism and liberalism in reading the biblical texts most frequently used to condemn homosexuality.