Category: Theology


Kirsi Stjerna "Finnish Sleep-Preachers: An Example of Women‘s Spiritual Power" 5 In Nova Religio: The Journal of Alternative And Emergent Religions. vol. 1, 2001 : 102-120

An article analyzing the phenomenon of sleep-preaching and introducing Helena Konttinen.

Kirsi Stjerna "Birgitta of Sweden and the Divine Mysteries of Motherhood" In Medieval Feminist Newsletter. vol. 20, 1997 : 33-37

An article on Birgitt’s theology of Mary and theological reflection on the redemptive function of motherhood.

Kirsi Stjerna "Eevan luomisen mysteeri Augustinuksen silmin [The Mystery of Eve’s Creation in the Eyes of Augustine]" In Teologinen Aikakauskirja [Theological Journal]. vol. 6, 1995 : 524-530

An article on the creation and purpose and nature of Eve in the thought of Augustine of Hippo. (in Finnish)

Kirsi Stjerna "Ilmestysten äärellä [By the Revelations.]" In Reseptio (Kirkon ulkomaanasiain keskuksen teologisten asiain tiedotuslehti). vol. 2, 1995

An article reflecting on the theology of Birgitta of Sweden. (in Finnish)

Kirsi Stjerna "Koulutusmahdollisuuksia USA:ssa [Study Prospects in the USA.]" In Reseptio (Kirkon ulkomaanasiain keskuksen teologisten asiain tiedotuslehti). vol. 3, 1993

An article discussing the opportunities with studying theology in USA. (in Finnish)

Kirsi Stjerna "Tarvitseeko kirkko feministiteologiaa [Does the Church Need Feminist Theology]" In Kotimaa. vol. 6, 1992

A column making the case for the urgent contribution of feminist theology in the church. (in Finnish)

Kirsi Stjerna "Birgitan merkitys [Birgitta’s Significance]" In Birgitan Ystävät Jäsenlehti. vol. 3, 1991

An article re-evaluating the significance of Birgitta of Sweden as a 14th century female mystic, a church leader and a visionary theologian. (in Finnish)

Kirsi Stjerna "Isä kirkon valossa. Teologiaa ja feminismiä [In the Shadow of the Father Church: On Theology and Feminism]" In Naistutkimus [Journal of Women's Studies]. vol. 1, 1991

An article discussing the importance of feminist perspectives in theological work. (in Finnish)

Deanna Thompson "Luther, Feminism, Friendship and the Future" Fall In Dialog: A Journal of Theology. 2010

This article recounts my journey of becoming a Lutheran feminist theologian. Drawing on insights from both Lutheran and feminist traditions, I propose a shift in Christian vocation imagery from that of servant to friend, arguing that the call to friendship includes subverting global structures of domination. I end with an invitation to join the expanding conversation about how Lutheran and feminist frameworks address the needs of our contemporary world.

Deanna Thompson "The Trouble with Miracles; Word Wrangling; Embraced by the Virtual Body of Christ" Summer-Fall In Working Preacher. 2010

These articles represent attempts to think theologically about living with stage IV cancer.