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Carolyn Schneider "The Intimate Connection between Christ and Christians in Athanasius" In The Scottish Journal of Theology. vol. 58, no. 1, 2005

This article explains how Athanasius used Middle Platonic ideas of Form to present Jesus as the ideal Form of Humanity, in which Christians participate through faith. In such participation, the image of God that had been lost by sin, is restored forever because it is divinized in Christ, and thus it is eternal and indestructible.

Carolyn Schneider "The Church in Palestine" Summer In The Joint Advocacy Initiative Magazine. 2005 : 11

This article reminds readers that the church is not a place but the body of Christ connected across the globe. It describes the hopes and fears of Palestinian Christians and calls the rest of the church to respond to this hurting member.

Joy Schroeder "The Woman and the Dragon: Feminist Reflections on Sexual Violence, Evil, and Bodily Resurrection" In Dialog: A Journal of Theology. vol. 33, 1994 : 135-141

Schroeder examines the writings of medieval women who characterize the devil as a violent misogynist. Schroeder argues that violence against male or female bodies is an attack by the Evil One. The doctrine of the resurrection is God‘s affirmation of the goodness of the human body and a promise of healing in this life and at the bodily resurrection.

Joy Schroeder "Toward a Feminist Eucharistic Theology and Piety" In Dialog: A Journal of Theology. vol. 30, 1991

Using the writings of medieval women who were devoted to the Eucharist, Schroeder urges contemporary Lutherans to embrace an incarnational Eucharistic theology that affirms the goodness of the body.

Kirsi Stjerna "Evaluation of Jari Jolkkonen‘s Ph.D. dissertation, “Uskon ja Rakkauden Sakramentt” [The Sacrament of Faith and Love], for the University of Helsinki" Fall In Teologinen Aikakauskirja. 2005
Kirsi Stjerna "Theological Themes" October 2005

Four “Theological Themes” Entries

Kirsi Stjerna "Grief, Glory and Grace: Insights on Eve and Tamar in Luther‘s Genesis Commentary" Spring In Seminary Ridge Review. vol. 6, no. 2, 2004 : 19-35

Article based on a public lecture, on Luther’s radical read on the matriarchs and their theological role.

Kirsi Stjerna "Re-thinking Lutheran Spirituality" In The Sewanee Theological Journal. December 2002 : 29-47

Reflections on the roots and possibilities of spirituality “with” Luther.

Kirsi Stjerna "Spiritual Models of Medieval Mystics Today: Rethinking the Legacy of St. Birgitta of Sweden" In Studies in Spirituality. vol. 12, 2002 : 126-140
Kirsi Stjerna "The Unbearable Lightness of Teaching Luther and the Confessions" Spring In Seminary Ridge Review. 2002 : 15-27

An article on the challenges and promises of teaching Luther and the Lutheran confessional texts in a seminary setting.