Category: Ecclesiology and Ecclesial Life


Cynthia Moe-Lobeda Public Church: For the Life of the World., Minneapolis: Fortress Press 2004

Moe-Lobeda explores what it means for the ELCA to play a role in public life today. Sections focus on what it means to be a public church, obstacles to being a public church in public life, power for being public church, and providing public leadership. For the followers of Jesus, the ”way of living” in public is a gift of God to the church.

Kirsi Stjerna The Role of the Bishop, Changing Models for a Global Church., Minneapolis: Kirkhouse Publishers 2002

Perspectives on the office of bishop in the global Lutheran church, papers from the Luther Colloquy 2000 at Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, PA – editing and epilogue.

Martha Stortz Blessed to Follow: The Beatitudes as a Compass for Discipleship., Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress 2008

Each chapter in Blessed to Follow is structured around a similar pattern: appeal to experience; biblical stories; Jesus: the one blessing and the one blessed; disciples: blessed to be a blessing; practice: the blessing made real. Includes questions for discussion and additional resources.


"Peace, Peace, When There is No Peace" Spring In Lutheran Forum. vol. 41, no. 3, 2008 : 3-5

A reflection on the excising of military imagery from church, and reasons to maintain it.

Marcia J. Bunge "Biblical and Theological Perspectives on Children, Parents, and ‘Best Practices” for Faith Formation: Resources for Child, Youth, and Family Ministry Today" Winter In Dialog: A Journal of Theology. vol. 47, 2008 : 348-360

Sections of this article were also republished in Lutheran Partners 25.4 (July/August, 2009):16-21.

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