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Elizabeth Huwiler "Review: Reading Isaiah" In Homiletic 17/1. Summer 1992 : 20-21
Elizabeth Huwiler "Review: Searching the Scriptures, Volume 1: A Feminist Introduction" In Homiletic 19/2. Winter 1994 : 19-21
"Review: Isaiah, the Eighth-Century Prophet: His Times and Preaching" In Homiletic 13/2. 1998 : 20-21
Elizabeth Huwiler "Review: Wise and Discerning Hearts: an Introduction to Wisdom Liturgical Theology" In Theology Today 58. 2001 : 446-448
Elizabeth Huwiler "Authorized Conflicts: the Bible in Church Conversations" 34 In Biblical Theology Bulletin. 2004 : 41-45

Suggests that arguments within biblical-heritage religions are often between those whose greatest fear is fall into chaos and those whose greatest fear is oppression from tyrannical forces. The Bible reflects corresponding arguments within ancient Israel and the nascent church. The use of biblical texts often functions to fuel those arguments rather than to resolve them.

Sarah Hinlicky-Wilson "Plato Was Wrong" In Christianity Today. 2004

Lectionary reflections on John 1 and a psalm.