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Norma Cook Everist The Church as Learning Community: A Comprehensive Guide to Christian Education., Nashville: Abingdon 2002

Based on the ecclesiological foundation of the gift of being teachers and learners together, this book address providing a trustworthy learning environment, methods, faith development, lifelong learning, confirmation ministry, teacher training, and the public vocation of educational ministry. It has an underlying Lutheran viewpoint for ecumenical use in parish, college and seminary.

Norma Cook Everist Church Conflict: From Contention to Collaboration., Nashville: Abingdon 2004

Rarely are books about conflict written by women theologians. This book provides a theological core for seven responses to conflict: avoidance, confrontation, competition, control, accommodation, compromise and collaboration, showing positive as well as negative uses of each. Part One examines images, types and patterns of conflict and helps people look at their personal histories of conflict and potential leadership roles.

Norma Cook Everist Open the Doors and See All the People: Stories of Church Identity and Vocation., Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress 2005

Republished Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock 2016. This compact book of stories from the author‘s visits to congregations across the entire country invites people to reflect upon the nature of the Church and how congregations are called and equipped for God‘s mission. She unfolds Lutheran theology inductively so that readers, having been drawn into compelling adventure, come back home and see people with new eyes.

Norma Cook Everist, Craig Nessan Transforming Leadership: New Vision for a Church in Mission., Minneapolis: Fortress 2008

Two Lutheran theologians, male and female, model in their writing and over 15 years of team teaching, a leadership style which builds trust, nurtures community and empowers congregations. The book covers topics from ecclesial foundations, to relational ethics and assets-based ministry. It explores power and partnership, congregational systems, spirituality, stress and the creative use of time, all towards honoring people and growth in wisdom.

Karen L. Bloomquist Between Vision and Reality: Lutheran Churches in Transition., Wolfgang Greive 2001