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Transformative Lutheran Theologies: Feminist, Womanist, and Mujerista Perspectives., In Transformative Lutheran Theologies: Feminist, Womanist, and Mujerista Perspectives. ed. Mary J. Streufert. Minneapolis: Fortress Press 2010

The first of its kind, this volume is a collaborative presentation of feminist, womanist, mujerista, and queer Lutheran theologies. It is both systematic and constructive, for it addresses classical loci in theology and is relevant for preaching, teaching, and ethical considerations, both personal and institutional. The contributors from diverse experiences and contexts seek ongoing reformation of the church and the world.

Love Without Limits: Jesus’ Radical Vision for Love, with No Exceptions., Fortress Press August 2018

Love Without Limits is an award-winning memoir and practical how-to-guide for love across division and difference in these troubled times. Through poignant personal memoir, stunning authenticity, creative readings of scripture, inspiring true stories of boundary-busting friendships, and surprising shout-outs to love’s unsung heroes, Bussie challenges readers to widen love’s wingspan so far that it excludes no one. Publishers Weekly praised this book as a “must-read for all Christians interested in inclusivity in their communities.”

Kelly Denton-Borhaug U.S. War-culture, Sacrifice and Salvation., London : Equinox Publishing 2011

Despite the massive growth of the military industrial complex in the U.S., the sacred canopy of war as ‗a necessary sacrifice‘ obfuscates the pernicious reality of U.S. war-culture. This book theologically explores and ethically interrogates sacrificial frameworks and assumptions that electrify and normalize war-culture in the post-9/11 period of the U.S. It questions whether theological sacrificial frameworks may be rehabilitated, and if it is possible to “detranscendentalize” war.

Joy K. Bussert Battered Women: From Suffering to Empowerment., New York: LCA 1985
Bloomquist, Karen L. and Stumme, John R., eds. The Promise of Lutheran Ethics., Minneapolis: Fortress Press 1998

Ten Lutheran ethicists explore Lutheran emphases, themes, and approaches to offer their account of Lutheran ethics as a way of life in today’s world. Writing in dialogue, they raise foundational concerns of biblical and theological sources and norms, of Christian freedom and responsibility, of call and social witness, of justice and formation in prayer. This is an excellent resource for classrooms, group discussion, and individual study, and includes a comprehensive bibliography.

Bloomquist, Karen L., and Musa Panti Filibus, eds. So the Poor Have Hope and Injustice Shuts Its Mouth., LWF Studies 2007
Bloomquist, Karen L., ed. Lutheran Ethics at the Intersections of God’s One World., LWF Studies 2005
Cynthia Moe-Lobeda Healing a Broken World: Globalization and God., Minneapolis: Fortress Press 2002
Karen L. Bloomquist For the Healing of the World., Assembly Study Book 2003
Karen L. Bloomquist God, Creation and Climate Change: Spiritual and Ethical Perspectives., (LWF Studies 2009