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Gracia Grindal "Promises, Promises" Fall In Word & World. 1988 : 389-394
Gracia Grindal "Where We Are Now" In The Hymn. October 1989 : 22-26
Gracia Grindal "Weary of Right Praying" Spring In Liturgy: Journal of the Liturgical Conference. 1989 : 47-51
Gracia Grindal "Inclusive Language in Hymns: a Reappraisal" In Currents in Theology and Mission. June 1989 : 187-193
Gracia Grindal "Preaching" Spring In Word & World. 1990
Gracia Grindal "Preaching the Word in Good and True Words" Summer In Word & World. 1990 : 237-246
Gracia Grindal "Interpretation" In The Hymn.

Several instances of this regular column in The Hymn from 1986-1990.

Gracia Grindal "The Swedish Tradition in Hymnals and Songbooks" Winter In Lutheran Quarterly. 1992
Gracia Grindal "The Dano-Norwegian Tradition in American Lutheran Hymnals" Winter In Lutheran Quarterly. 1993
Gracia Grindal "Fifteen Commandments for Preaching" Fall In Word & World. vol. 19, no. 1, 1999 : 71-82