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Carolyn Schneider "Theological Meaning in Genetic Research and Evolutionary Theory" In Christianity and the Human Body: Proceedings of the ITEST Workshop, October, 2000. eds. Brungs, Robert, and Marianne Postiglione. St. Louis, MO: ITEST Faith/Science Press 2001

This article brings science and theology into conversation by looking at the Human Genome Project through the lens of theological anthropology. For example, the biblical portrayal of Wisdom as the creative logic of the universe can absorb the insights into the connection of all life gained from the study of DNA, and Wisdom‘s embodiment in Jesus can challenge the discriminatory use of DNA.

Deanna Thompson "Letting the World Run Free: Luther, Romans, and the Call to Reform" In Reformation Readings of ROmans. T&T Clark 2008

This article examines how Luther‘s early theology mines the resources of Romans to advocate for a theology of freedom and how that message reaches the masses more through preaching than his theological treatises.

Deanna Thompson "Martin Luther" In Empire and the Christian Tradition. Minneapolis: Fortress Press 2007

This chapter is a biography of Martin Luther as seen through the lens of the politics of empire. I suggest that Luther‘s reimagining of religious freedom leads to a theology of resistance with respect to ecclesial and imperial authorities of the day, a theological perspective that unfortunately Luther himself does not always follow.

Deanna Thompson "The Cross, Friendship, and Empire" In Being the Church in the Midst of Empire: Trinitarian Reflections. ed. Bloomquist, Karen. Minneapolis: Lutheran University Press 2007

This article utilizes my work on reimagining Christian vocation in terms of friendship rather than servanthood. I suggest that even though friendship seems too mundane a relationship to resist the politics of empire, it can be a surprisingly powerful mode of relation for cross-cultural connection and resistance to the powers that be, both within and outside of the church.

Deanna Thompson "Becoming a Feminist Theologian of the Cross" In Cross Examinations. Minneapolis: Fortress Press 2006

This article is a condensed version of argument made in Crossing the Divide.


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