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Kirsi Stjerna Women and the Reformation., Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell 2009

A textbook, introducing several women in their leadership roles and with their theological interests, as well as offering a look at women‘s gains and losses with the Reformations.

Kirsi Stjerna No Greater Jewel: Thinking of Baptism with Luther., Augsburg Fortress 2009

A study of Luther‘s theology of baptism, in light of historical, spiritual and ecumenical concerns, for a general audience, with study questions.

Kirsi Stjerna Reformaation Naiset., trans. Stjerna, Kirsi Helsinki: Kirjapaja. 2011

A new edition, in Finnish, of the textbook Women and the Reformation.

Kirsi Stjerna Martin Luther, the Bible, and the Jewish People, with Brooks Schramm., Minneapolis: Fortress Press, Forthcoming 2012

A textbook, with introductions and notes to Luther‘s texts, in light of Luther‘s theological development, exegetical work, and Jewish history

Kirsi Stjerna Reading Christian Theology in the Protestant Tradition., In Stjerna: Sixteenth Century Christiantity. eds. Kelly M. Kapic and Melanie Webb. T&T Clark, Forthcoming

A textbook, introducing central theological texts and their significance for/in the Reformations.

Jeannine E. Olson Histoire de l’Église, vingt siècles et six continents., Editions CLE Yaoundé, Cameroun and Strasbourg, France: 1972
Jeannine E. Olson Calvin and Social Welfare: Deacons and the Bourse française., Selinsgrove: Susquehanna University Press; London and Toronto: Associated University Presses 1989
Jeannine E. Olson Deacons and Deaconesses through the Centuries., St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House 1992

Award of Commendation, Concordia Historical Institute. Second edition, 2005.

Nancy Koester The History of Christianity in the United States: A Fortress Introduction., Minneapolis: Fortress Press 2034

This thorough and lively overview of Christian history in the United States, from colonial times to the present, is informed by both classical and recent scholarship and is written for the non-specialist. Unlike many histories, Koester offers ample coverage of Protestant, Evangelical, and Roman Catholic developments. Includes black & white illustrations, maps, glossary, and other study aids.

Kari Kloos Christ, Creation, and the Vision of God: Augustine’s Transformation of Early Christian Theophany Interpretation., Bible in Ancient Christianity 7 Leiden: Brill 2011

Explores the theological underpinnings of ancient Christian theophany interpretation regarding polemic and the formation of Christian identity, the relationship between vision and spiritual transformation, and theological claims about knowing God through creation. Argues that Augustine‘s challenge to traditional claims that Christ appeared in the Old Testament theophanies demonstrates the critical and creative capacity of early Christian authors to adapt and transform exegetical traditions.