About LWWR and FAQ

ELCA Justice for Women is pleased to present Lutheran Women’s Works in Religion (LWWR).


Why works by Lutheran women?

Knowing how challenging it can be to find Lutheran scholars outside of our immediate professional circles for teaching, preaching, research, and writing, ELCA Justice for Women has endeavored to create one field of access to the works of Lutheran women in biblical, theological, and religious studies.

Lutheran Women’s Works in Religion (LWWR) will support academic, pastoral, ecclesial, and personal research in multiple ways. Since research databases, such as ATLA, do not readily yield results that identify scholarship by Lutheran women, this database fills the needs to assist individual scholars, to edify the ELCA as a whole, and to display the corpus of work by Lutheran women for the benefit of the Lutheran World Federation.

Given the critical importance of reflecting the richness of global scholarship and leadership, LWWR listings will include information on the author’s world region. We hope this is one step toward amplifying Lutheran women’s writing around the globe.



LWWR is divided into eight broad sub-disciplines, or categories.

The examples below are not all-inclusive, but offered as a guideline.

  • Biblical Studies: Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Apocrypha, specific books of (or people in) the Bible, language studies
  • Church History and Historical Theology: Reformation History, Council of Nicaea, formation of AELC
  • Ecclesiology and Ecclesial Life: congregational life and leadership, stewardship
  • Ethics: Morality, rights, social issues, national/international issues
  • Pastoral Care and Theology: chaplaincy, addictions, life passages
  • Teaching and Pedagogy: university/seminary, Sunday school, Bible studies for all ages
  • Theology: nature of God; public, practical, and/or liberationist theologies; systematics
  • Worship and Preaching: sermons, hymnody

The “other fields” section contains for works by Lutheran women which may not fall so neatly into any of these categories.

Most LWWR entries are annotated.

Users will find academic works, including monographs, chapters, articles, and reviews; works from popular literature; sermons and sermon-starters; and devotionals and Bible study guides. Many writings specifically relate to Lutheranism, and many do not.

Listings range from some of the earliest works by Lutheran women in North America; to forthcoming works; to those not yet published.

For your convenience, each listing is also identified by publication type: book, book chapter, journal article, etc.

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Mary J. Streufert
ELCA Justice for Women





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who manages LWWR?

LWWR is managed and maintained by Justice for Women, in the Office of the Presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

LWWR had its inception during a 2011 meeting of the Justice for Women Coordinating Committee as a way to collect a list of works by Lutheran women. Our goal is to maintain LWWR as a robust resource and research tool for global Lutheran women’s works.

The Justice for Women program is shaped by the unique voices and experiences of a multitude of people across race, ethnicity, ability, class, sexuality and age. It is within this rich foundation that we work to tap into Lutheran theological roots to address sexism; connect this theology with specific issues in the world; and encourage people of all genders to work together. Learn more about Justice for Women and our resources.


How often is LWWR updated?

We anticipate updating the LWWR on a bi-monthly basis, if not more often.


Can anyone use this database?

Yes! This database is available for all to use regardless of religious affiliation or gender.


How much does it cost to use this database?

Thanks to the ELCA, this database is free for users to access.


Why are only Lutherans in this database? Why are only people who identify as women in this database?

Since research databases, such as ATLA, do not readily yield results that identify scholarship by Lutheran women, this database fills the needs to assist individual scholars, to edify the ELCA as a whole, and to display the corpus of work by Lutheran women.


Why does LWWR include information on world regions?

LWWR is intended as a way to recognize the writing and research of Lutheran women across the globe. We include information on world regions to make it easier for users to become informed about broader writings from around the globe.



Why doesn’t LWWR link to the actual book/article? Where can I find the sources in the LWWR database?

The LWWR is intended as a starting place for research, and also as a way to lift up what works are available by Lutheran women across the globe. Additionally, subscriptions to journal database sites beyond the purview of this project. You can find many of the published works in this database online. Many of the chapters and books you can find through libraries and booksellers. Some unpublished works may also available online. Please use the information you find here as a resource to add to (as well as highlight women’s voices in) your research.


Are all LWWR entries annotated?

Work on LWWR began in 2011, before we decided to shift from citations only to an annotated database. Entries will be updated from basic citation to annotated bibliography as time permits.


I was looking for an entry on a subject (or by a person), but I don’t see it.

Please take a moment to submit information using this form to let us know. Thank you for providing detailed information to make LWWR as accurate as possible.


I see an entry that is not in Chicago Style. What should I do?

There are a few specific programming variables that affect the display of entries in LWWR. We are working to balance correct Chicago Style with efficiency for each type of entry. Thank you for bearing with us.


I found an entry that needs a correction. What should do?

Please contact LWWR using the form provided, and be sure to include the title of the work, the author, the type of work, and detailed information about the error(s) you see. Thank you for your assistance in making LWWR as accurate as possible!


I just uploaded an entry and I don’t see it.

Thank you for submitting work to be included in LWWR! We anticipate updating LWWR on at least a bi-monthly basis.


How can I share LWWR?

To share LWWR, you can use the “share” link (found on the home page or on the about page). To share an entry, use your mouse (or finger on a touch screen) to highlight and copy the entry.


I have other questions about LWWR – is there someone I can contact?

YES! Please email LWWR@ELCA.org.


I would like to assist with LWWR upkeep – is there someone I can contact?

YES! Please email LWWR@ELCA.org