Thinking Together about a Lutheran Ethic of Responsibility in the Age of Genetics

[1] Note: At the 2009 Annual Gathering of Lutheran Ethicists, Roger Willer introduced and described and commented upon the ethical and theological approach taken by the ELCA Task Force on Genetics in its study, Genetics and Faith: Power, Choice, and Responsibility.

[2] Willer’s comments are not written down and presented in this issue of JLE, but this approach by the task force is laid out in sessions A4 (“Christian Responsibility Today: Sources for Guidance”) and A5 (“Toward a Lutheran Ethic in the Age of Genetics”) of the study, which participants in the gathering had beforehand to read. To read these sessions, click here and go directly to each one.

[3] The ELCA Task Force on Genetics invites written responses to the entire study by November 1, 2009. The online pdf file of the study includes a downloadable response form. The completed response form or letters should be addressed to:

Rev. Roger Willer
ELCA—Church in Society
8765 W. Higgins Rd.
Chicago, IL 60631

[4] E-mailed responses to the study should be sent to Roger Willer

[5] Responses received by November 1, 2009 will help inform the task force as it works to complete the first draft of the ELCA social statement on genetics, which will be published in March, 2010.

Roger Willer

Rev. Dr. Roger Willer serves as Director for Theological Ethics on the Theological Discernment Team in the Office of the Presiding Bishop. He also serves as Publisher for the Journal of Lutheran Ethics.