Issue: September 2014

Volume 14 Number 8

​Editor’s Introduction

In this issue of the journal, Jeff Olson Biebighauser and Bruce Wollenberg draw upon aspects of Martin Luther’s theological perspectives in order to explore two distinct ethical matters. While Biebighauser critically examines and renders a judgment on the “Virtue Ethics” movement, Wollenberg establishes God’s gift of temporal authority. In so doing, they treat dimensions of […]

Against Virtue Ethics

Jeff Biebighauser 09/01/2014 [1] Let’s get the cheap shot out of the way first. Aristotle – the “damned, conceited, rascally heathen” whom God has sent “as a plague upon us for our sins”[1] – has had surprising success infiltrating Lutheran ethics in the past two decades. In the wake of Vatican II, a strongly Aristotelian […]

Wielding the Word: Martin Luther on Temporal Authority

[1] Since the sixteenth century the argument has been made, and is made today, that any Christian participation in the public square is properly personal and private altogether. The business of the church, as the corporate body of Christ on earth, is to be concerned with matters reflecting the kingdom of God’s right hand. The […]

Review: Joel D. Biermann. A Case for Character: Toward a Lutheran Virtue Ethics. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2014, 192 pages, $29.00.

[1] Joel Biermann, Professor of Systematic Theology at Concordia Seminary in Saint Louis, argues that a focus on justification by faith in contemporary Lutheranism has led Lutherans to a neglect the practices of moral formation of individuals and the development of authoritative teachings about the shape of the Christian life. He acknowledges that focusing on […]

Review: Joel Green, Editor. The New Testament and Ethics: A Book by Book Survey. Ada, MI: Baker Academic, 2013, paperback, 176 pages, $19.99.

[1] Joel B. Green offers a second distillation of his landmark Dictionary of Scripture and Ethics. The New Testament and Ethics comes on the heels of the Old Testament survey. Green offers twenty six entries on the books and genres of the New Testament plus an assortment of articles on selected topics helpful for current […]