​Editor’s Introduction

In this issue of the journal, Jeff Olson Biebighauser and Bruce Wollenberg draw upon aspects of Martin Luther’s theological perspectives in order to explore two distinct ethical matters. While Biebighauser critically examines and renders a judgment on the “Virtue Ethics” movement, Wollenberg establishes God’s gift of temporal authority. In so doing, they treat dimensions of both personal and public ethics.

Journal of Lutheran Ethics

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The Journal of Lutheran Ethics soon will begin publishing an occasional series on public theologians of the global church. We are looking for figures who speak from their cultures through a Christian lens–not necessarily in English. We are also looking for writers who can explain—in English, of course–the thought and influence of such figures in compact articles of no more than 1500 words. For more details, please contact Stewart Herman (herman@cord.edu), Cheryl Pero (cpero@lstc.edu) or Mary Streufert (Mary.Streufert@elca.org)​