Issue: September 2005

Volume 5 Number 9

A Review of Munib Younan’s Witnessing for Peace: In Jerusalem and the World; edited by Fred Strickert

[1] Witnessing for Peace: In Jerusalem and the World, written by Munib Younan and edited by Fred Strickert is available from Fortress Press, Minneapolis and is copyright 2003. xiv + 169 pp., paper, $16.00. For more information, or for purchase information, please visit the Fortress Web site. [2] This book by the bishop of the […]

Woo me, sister; move me, brother! What does Pop Culture Have to Do with Preaching?

The following article has been excepted from Get Up Off Your Knees edited by Raewynne J. Whiteley and Beth Maynard. It has been reprinted here by permission of the publisher, Cowley Publications. For more information about purchasing this book from Cowley Publications, please visit their Web site. Download the article

Freedom and Vocation: A Lutheran (and Augustinian) Perspective on Art, Scholarship, and Higher Education

This article will appear in the KIATS Theological Journal 2005 I.2 (2005 Fall). It is reprinted here by permission. [1] In the last fifteen or twenty years, American church-related colleges and universities have been engaged in diligent reflection about their identity and mission. A Lutheran institution won’t answer questions of identity and mission in the […]