Issue: March/April 2013: Environment

Volume 13 Number 2

Editor’s Introduction: Environment

Twenty years ago, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America adopted a social statement entitled Caring for Creation: Vision, Hope and Justice. As a growing and strong consensus emerges in our world that climate change is endangering the planet, this issue of JLE focuses on the environment. The social statement is reintroduced and various articles explore […]

American Lutherans Engage Ecological Theology: The First Chapter, 1962-2012, And Its Legacy

Copyright 2013, Lutheran University press, reprinted by permission. This essay is one of the papers presented at the 2012 Convocation of Teaching Theologians. All papers are available in the Lutheran University Press book,Eco-Lutheranism. – Editorial note: For the sake of clarity and ease, the author has chosen to simplify citations for two commonly-referenced works […]

Consumption, Ethics and the Environment: a Lutheran Perspective

Consumption’s impact: A Chocolate Case Study [1] Some of the most significant environmental problems of our time result from the collective impact of individual consumption decisions. We decide what to eat, what to wear, how to heat and cool our homes, how to transport ourselves, and what products to buy. All of these add up […]

Repentance and Ecological Vocation

[1] In a country that has historically adapted well to the world’s most pressing needs, it is no surprise to see an ecological consciousness emerging among U.S. citizens. The prefix “eco” is now joined with a variety of business endeavors, describing more sustainable business solutions. Green practices such as composting and recycling are widely taught […]

Lutheran Theology and the Environment: Bonhoeffer, the Church, and the Climate Question

Copyright 2013, Lutheran University Press, reprinted by permission. This essay is one of the papers presented at the 2012 Convocation of Teaching Theologians. All papers are available in the Lutheran University Press book, Eco-Lutheranism. [1] The Lutheran tradition contains a host of theological perspectives that can and should form the foundation of a robust […]

Caring for Creation at 20

Caring for Creation: Vision, Hope and Justice Prologue I) The Church’s Vision of Creation God, Earth, and All Creatures Our Place in Creation II) The Urgency Sin and Captivity The Current Crisis III) The Hope The Gift of Hope Hope in Action IV) The Call to Justice Justice through Participation Justice through Solidarity Justice through […]

Review: David J. Kundtz and Bernard S. Schlager’s, Ministry Among God’s Queer Folk

[1] On first glance, Ministry Among God’s Queer Folk seems dated (especially its title, doubtless inspired by the hip Showtime television series “Queer as Folk” running from 2000–2005). And perhaps unsettling is the term “queer people”—used constantly, almost interchangeably with “LGBTQ people.” Although the word’s use in our times is an attempt by sexual minorities […]

Review: Edward Adams’, Parallel Lives of Jesus: A Guide to the Four Gospels

[1] Edward Adams has written an excellent introduction to the canonical Gospels. His introduction is at once easy to understand and yet sophisticated in its methodology. Building upon the emerging scholarly consensus that the Gospels, in terms of genre, are best understood as ancient biographies, similar to Plutarch’s Parallel Lives of Greeks and Romans, Adams […]

Review: Larry Rasmussen’s, Earth-honoring Faith: Religious Ethics in a New Key

[1] “How, then, do we hymn the Earth differently?” Larry Rasmussen asks, in a time when much of humankind has long grown deaf to the “hymn of all creation” (5). The motif of song, and a Song of Songs, flows lyrically throughout this work (81), as well as in the urgent call for us to […]