Issue: January 2015: Globalization and Theological Education

Volume 15 Number 1

Editor’s Introduction: Globalization and Theological Education

This issue features two presentations given at the Convocation of Lutheran Teaching Theologians meeting this past fall. The two authors focused on the relationship of globalization and theological education, or lack thereof. How could we in the United States better serve our neighbors in the Global South in terms of the theology we create and […]

Theological Education in an Era of Globalization: Some Critical Issues

Globalization affects all aspects of our lives, from the products available at the supermarket to the music we hear on the radio. Church is not immune to this, nor should it be. However, Rajashekar points to how theological education has not effectively embraced the gifts of globalization. Instead, the pattern has been to continue to see white male theology as universally applicable and correct, and theology coming from the global South as relevant only in its own context. Rajashekar explores how this power imbalance influences the theology being produced as well as how students of theology are being educated in the all over the world.

Glocal Theological Education Issues and Concerns From One Person’s Point of View

Baker’s piece addresses the attendees of the Convocation of Lutheran Teaching Theologians directly, which is appropriate for his focus on context. Baker explores the importance of global experiences in theological education and asks professors to think of ways in which different global contexts can impact their students’ understanding of theology and even learning styles. On a larger scale, he also urges seminaries to establish effective partnerships that allow students from the United States to study abroad in addition to bringing students here. How can our theology reflect our relationships and our relationships reflect our theology?

James M. Childs is Joseph A. Sittler Emeritus Professor of Theology and Ethics at Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus Ohio.

Liberating Lutheran Theology: Freedom for Justice and Solidarity with Others in a Global Context (Fortress Press, 2011)

Paul S. Chung, Ulrich Duchrow, and Craig L. Nessan. Liberating Lutheran Theology: Freedom for Justice and Solidarity with Others in a Global Context. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2011, 292 pages.