Issue: December 2005: Preaching and Politics

Volume 5 Number 12

Urgently Needed: Some Lutheran Accents in American Political Life

[1] Coincidentally, the U.S. election comes just two days after the 5th anniversary of the signing by the Catholic and Lutheran churches of the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification, when we witnessed the potential of theological doctrine to bring together and reconcile forces that had been divided for nearly 500 years. In stark […]

Politics in the Pulpit

[1] As the old salt Henry Horn once said to a class here at Luther Seminary: Preach the Word of God in the service, and then during the adult forum there can be political talk. The same sermon will very likely propel a full panoply of political opinions in the congregation. God is working, but […]

An Introduction to “Preaching and Politics”

[1] Is it just my jaded perspective, or does it seem when it comes to news coverage of mainline Protestantism, good news is no news? The investigation by the IRS into All Saints Church in Pasadena on the grounds of campaign intervention garnered front-page attention and multiple newswire stories. On the other hand, the letter […]

Articles related to issues of “Church and State”

Issues of church and state raise their head often in Journal of Lutheran Ethics. Following are some examples from our database of articles which might further develop your thinking: Luther’s Theology and Domestic Politics by George Forell Preaching Justice: The Ethical Vocation of Word and Sacrament Ministry by James Childs American Civil Religion: Destructive, Useless, […]