Articles related to issues of “Church and State”

Issues of church and state raise their head often in Journal of Lutheran Ethics. Following are some examples from our database of articles which might further develop your thinking:

Luther’s Theology and Domestic Politics
by George Forell

Preaching Justice: The Ethical Vocation of Word and Sacrament Ministry
by James Childs

American Civil Religion: Destructive, Useless, or Beneficial
Collected articles in response to the article written by Robert Benne

Urgently Needed: Some Lutheran Accents in American Political Life
by Karen L. Bloomquist

Preaching in the “Gate of Fire”
by Richard A. Jensen

JLE has published extensively on the war in Iraq, seeking many perspectives, re-examining just war theory, and seeking out experts in Islam to enlighten us. Search for “Iraq” on our database.

Kaari Reierson

Kaari Reierson is the founding editor of the Journal of Lutheran Ethics and is the Chair of the Journal of Lutheran Ethics Advisory Council.