Author: Laura Alexander

Dr. Laura Alexander is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.  She specializes in Religion and Human Rights and is the first recipient of the Goldstein Family Community Chair in Human Rights.

Book Review: Christianity and the Law of Migration edited by Allard, Silas W., Kristin E. Heyer, and Raj Nadella

[1] Christianity and the Law of Migration comes at an opportune time. This volume of essays brings law and legal principles into conversation with Christian Scriptural, ethical, and theological concepts on the topic of global migration. The work represents an important intervention into scholarly, humanitarian, and policy discussions at a time when millions of people […]

Review: Migrants and Citizens: Justice and Responsibility in the Ethics of Immigration, by Tisha Rajendra

  [1] Kyle Korver, a shooting guard and small forward for the NBA’s Utah Jazz, drew some attention in April 2019 with an essay simply entitled “Privileged,” addressing racial inequalities in the NBA and American society generally. The essay discusses statistics regarding poverty, incarceration, and unemployment, but its motivation and energy arise from Korver’s friendships […]