Author: H. Paul Santmire

H. Paul Santmire is a retired ELCA pastor and theologian now living in the Boston area.

Tributes to Dr. Cheryl Angela Stewart Pero

Rev. Dr. Cheryl Stewart Pero, the second Black Lutheran woman ordained in the Lutheran Church in America, the first Black woman in the ELCA to receive a doctorate in New Testament studies, and a leading scholar, pastor, and community builder, died on October 28th, 2020.  For a woman who encouraged and empowered so many others, JLE presents two tributes in her honor.

American Lutherans Engage Ecological Theology: The First Chapter, 1962-2012, And Its Legacy

Copyright 2013, Lutheran University press, reprinted by permission. This essay is one of the papers presented at the 2012 Convocation of Teaching Theologians. All papers are available in the Lutheran University Press book,Eco-Lutheranism. – Editorial note: For the sake of clarity and ease, the author has chosen to simplify citations for two commonly-referenced works […]

Partnership with Nature According to the Scriptures: Beyond the Theology of Stewardship

[1] No one can legitimately fault the National Religious Partnership for the Environment, the Advertising Council, and the Environmental Defense Fund for working together to encourage religious communities and their members to respect the earth, to “reduce, reuse, recycle” and to use energy efficiently, all for the sake of environmental justice. The rationale for this […]

Shelf-Life of a Vision: The 1993 Social Statement on Caring for Creation

[1] During the last decade, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, its theologians, its pastors, and many of its lay leaders have been preoccupied with a number of critically important issues: the calling and status of bishops and, behind that, the relevance of the historic catholic tradition; the interpretation of sexual identity and, behind that, […]