Review: Picture the Bible by Stacy Johnson Myers

[1] The book, Picture the Bible, by Stacy Johnson Meyers is an appropriately named children’s Bible. Beginning with creation “In the beginning,” to the Bible’s last word, “Amen,” Picture the Bible affirms God’s baptismal promise “You belong to God,” in 53 sequential stories written for young children, ages four to seven.

[2] Beautiful and colorful artwork in a collage style illustrates each story. I personally appreciated that the characters depicted in each biblical story offered multicultural illustrations that all children can enjoy. Scriptural references at the bottom of each story help adult readers ask questions and encourage discussion with their listeners.

[3] The biblical stories conclude with Pentecost, where Peter, one of Jesus’ disciples declares to the Jews who are present, “God has given us the power of the Holy Spirit, so we can tell you that he has been raised to new life. He is the Messiah, the new leader God promised.” The book itself ends with a call to follow the Jesus way of love, justice and peace.

[4] With the help of the collage illustrations from First Congregational church, Johnson Meyers has created a lovely tool for parents, teachers and children to learn, wonder and talk about God’s promise and purpose for each of us.

Marcia Floding

Marcia Floding is a newly retired Christian educator.  She is a former teacher and children's minister.