Review: Kaleidoscope: Broadening the Palette in the Art of Spiritual Direction, edited by Ineda Pearl Adesanya

 [1] Kaleidoscope: Broadening the Palette in the Art of Spiritual Direction is a collection of essays written by and for people of color in the practice of spiritual direction.  Its wisdom, however, is helpful to all people in the art of holy listening.  Providing a comprehensive resource covering the various components of spiritual direction, the book’s four sections cover the history and foundations of spiritual direction, the art of spiritual direction, contemporary matters, and professional matters.  Attention is paid to both theory and practice.

[2] While the practice of spiritual direction crosses cultures and continents, there are few comprehensive resources addressing the practice from multi-cultural perspectives.  According to the Spiritual Directors of Color Network, this is the first such volume written entirely by spiritual directors of color.

[3] Each chapter addresses spiritual direction from the lens of a person of color, drawing particular attention to historical and contemporary issues including prejudices and systemic traumas significant to communities of color. Teachings on trauma, internal liberation, and imaginative discovery are accompanied by instruction in core skill sets such as hospitality and deep listening. Together, the chapters provide insight into the work of discernment, listening to the Spirit working within an individual, paying careful attention to the nuances of what is spoken and unspoken.

[4] Relevant to all who are interested in spiritual direction, the book explores care of the soul and the longing of the human spirit to connect to the Divine.  It provides a study in faith formation, engaging the reader to create a sacred space in which to meet and listen, providing practical insights and guidance for direction and supervision.  It is a book worthy of exploration for all individuals interested in spiritual growth and ongoing faith formation.

Bonnie Morris

Bonnie Morris is a certified spiritual director with 25 years experience in the practice of spiritual direction.