New Discussion Site

A new Web-based theological discussion site was launched in April by the Lutheran World Federation (Department for Theology and Studies), in connection with its global initiative, “Theology in the Life the Church.” Check out the initial papers and discussion forum at, where you can read what has been posted or sign up to be a participant in the forthcoming discussions.

The current focus of this theological work is:

Confessing and living out faith in the triune God, in the face of
death and injustice
(track 1)

multi-faith challenges
(track 2)

charismatic and Pentecostal challenges
(track 3)

moral differences that threaten church unity
(track 4).

A basic premise is that theology can and does make a difference in the life of the church in the world. The intent is to bring together theologians from different parts of the world, with their diverse backgrounds, contexts and approaches, for exchange, interaction, support, mutual challenge, and encouragement in pursuing theological writing that can contribute in significant ways to the deepened self-understanding, life, and practices of churches globally. For further information, contact

Karen L. Bloomquist

Karen Bloomquist, ordained in 1974, has served as pastor of Lutheran congregations in CA, NYC, WA, and after completing her PhD at Union in NY, has been on faculties in Chicago, Dubuque and Berkeley, as well as director of departments in the ELCA and the LWF.  She also has taught at seminaries throughout the world, and has authored or edited many publications. She currently is a theologian-at-large, and lives in  both WA and CA.