Issue: May 2004

Volume 4 Number 5

Rape, A Meditation on 2 Samuel 13

[1] It began with a phone call. It was Karen, a friend whom I’d known since my childhood.[1] Although we didn’t see or talk to one another as much now as when we were kids, we were still close. But, on the phone this day she sounded different: she was tentative, unsure of herself, fumbling […]

The Sacrificing of Children: A Meditation/Sermon on Judges 11

[1] Several years ago-1999, to be exact-Hollywood came out with a movie called The General’s Daughter. Starring John Travolta and Madeleine Stowe, and set on a major military base in Georgia, it told of an investigation into the suspicious death of a woman officer at the base, who also happens to be the daughter of […]

What Sort of Claims Does the Bible Have Today?

[1] Last summer my home church was shaken out of its life-as-normal routine when one of its church council members was arrested for sexually abusing both his daughter and his niece. The following weeks were particularly fraught for the pastor, as he tried to minister to both the abuser and the victims. His difficulties were […]

Toward a “Protesting” Labor Ethic

A review of A New Protestant Labor Ethic at Work by Ken Estey Cleveland, Ohio: The Pilgrim Press ix and 150 pages Paper. $14.00. Reviewed by Wayne C. Stumme [1] Recently the two Lutheran synods and seminary in my community joined with others to sponsor an impressive conference entitled “The State of Faith: Ethics at […]

Reviews of Durable Goods

This review, originally published in and © Markets and Morality (Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 278-280), is available from Journal of Lutheran Ethics through a link to the Markets and Morality website. To read the article in HTML format, please use the following link: [ View article ] (McCann) This article, originally published and © […]

Commendable Realism

Review of Durable Goods: A Covenantal Ethic for Management and Employees by Stewart W. Herman. Soundings: A Series of Books on Ethics, Economics and Business. University of Notre Dame Press, 1997. Pbk., 256 pp. ISBN 0-268-00885-X. $20.00. [1] I have long thought that Stewart Herman’s Durable Goods: A Covenantal Ethic for Management and Employees is […]

Review of Herman’s Durable Goods

This article, originally published and (c) March 1999 in Theological Studies (p198) is available from Journal of Lutheran Ethics for download in PDF. To download the article, use the following link: [ Download PDF ]