Issue: March 2007: Stem Cell Research

Volume 7 Number 3

Introduction to “Stem Cell Research” Issue

[1] Stem cell research is not only an issue for academic ethical reflection. It is an issue that has played prominently in recent elections, and has become a topic of discussion for journalists and the general public. It is an issue about which people, inside and outside the church, have been seeking guidance and direction […]

Embryonic Stem Cells 2007

[1] Stem cells have been called “the gift that keeps on giving” and that may be true not only for biomedical researchers but also for ethicists. This is the third time the ELCA has invited me to reflect on stem cells and related matters. Back in 1995 the Department of Studies asked several people to […]

Theological and Moral Reflections on Stem Cell Research

[1] Rather than discussing the scientific aspects of embryonic stem cell (ESC) research, I will turn immediately to the central issue of the stem cell debate for people of faith: the theological and moral status of the embryo. Christians historically have been concerned to respect life at every stage of its development, but what I […]

Watching Our Language: The Human Embryo Stem Cell Controversy

[1] The current human embryo debate seems ever so familiar to those who remember earlier controversies over human cloning, fetal experimentation, and abortion. Positions crystallize in familiar patterns; the same moral principles reappear; similar charges and counter-charges detonate. If we are at war — culture-wars — then these topics exemplify our hostilities. We are familiar […]

Ethics and Health Care Research Planning

Abstract [1] This article critiques current directions in health care research and suggests an ethical perspective for guiding research planning as a shared endeavor. “Caring for Health” (the Eighth Social Statement of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) sets a powerful ethical context for this activity. Its definitions of health and healing and emphasis on […]