Issue: January/February 2018: 500th Observance of the Reformation

Volume 18 Number 1

Editor’s Introduction: Art and Anfechtung

[1] On the occasion of the 500th observance of the Reformation, it is appropriate to look back and reconsider some of the themes and strategies that gave wings to the movement. In this issue of JLE we will focus on two such themes and emphases, namely the role of Anfechtung in Luther’s wrestling with the […]

Freedom in Reading the Scripture

Martin Luther wore many hats, but ultimately he was a teacher of the Bible. However, this work was not purely academic, nor was it easy. Rivera traces Luther’s intellectual and spiritual journey in Biblical exegesis and the freedom he found therein.

Martin Luther and the Visual Arts

When people think of the period of the Reformation, they often picture the destruction of religious art. However, the Lutheran tradition did not take that path. Hoeferkamp Segovia examines Martin Luther’s theological relationship with religious art and explores what it means for us 500 years later.

500th Anniversary Book Sampling

Editor’s Note: The Journal of Lutheran Ethics welcomes Dr. Nancy Arnison as our new Book Review Editor. [1] A publishing bonanza has accompanied the 500th anniversary of Luther’s “Ninety-five Theses” issued in Wittenberg in October, 2017. This issue of the Journal of Lutheran Ethics surveys a diverse sampling of these new resources. While future issues […]