Issue: February 2008: Genetics

Volume 8 Number 2

An Agenda for the New Social Statement on Genetics

With What Should the ELCA Grapple in the Study Process that Forms the Process Leading to a Social Statement? [1] It is an article of faith–among scientists no less than among Christians– that the natural world is intelligible. While science cannot explain why this may be so, believers construe the regularity and intelligibility of the […]

Presentation to the Association of Teaching Theologians

[1] At the onset, a disclaimer: these are reflections for a half-hour, not so much comprehensive as suggestive, investigative, provocative ¼ characterized as much by musing and wrestling as by research, especially from one on the theological side of the equation: [2] “I believe in God the Father Almighty, creator of heaven and earth, and […]

Proleptic Ethics vs. Stop Sign Ethics: Theology and the Future of Genetics

1] Abstract: Proleptic ethics begins by projecting a vision of a preferred future; then it seeks creative opportunities to actualize the vision. Grounded in God’s eschatological promise of transformation and new creation, proleptic ethics projects a vision of a just, sustainable, and healthy society. This approach is contrasted with the ethical task according to stop […]