Issue: December/January 2016/7: Post-election America

Volume 16 Number 10

Editor’s Introduction: Post-election America

[1] The election of Donald J. Trump as the next president of the United States has raised some important ethical issues that will have to be sorted out wisely and carefully for the sake of the wellbeing of our country and our communities. There are complicated questions regarding conflicts of interest, foreign meddling into our […]

A Womanist Perspective on the Election of Donald Trump: What Pastors Are Called to Do

Christians often talk about how we are all children of God. However, what does that mean for our relationship to each other–what are the responsibilities of being a sibling in Christ? Dr. Linda Thomas explores this question in light of the election of Donald Trump, with a particular focus on the role of pastors.

9.5 Theses for Times Such as These

Rev. Wilker, as pastor of a congregation in downtown Washington D.C., has a special perspective on U.S. politics. In this article, he outlines 9.5 ways congregations and individuals can continue to proclaim the gospel in conflicted and tense times such as these.

Seeing Ourselves as Parts of One Body: An Exercise in Exploring Racism from a Place of Privilege

This piece offers a unique perspective on white privilege and the internalization of racism. Read about how Rev. Peterman adjusted to living in and serving an African American community and how that experience has impacted her life and theology

The Forgotten Luther: Reclaiming the Social-Economic Dimension of the Reformation (Lutheran University Press, 2016)

[1] In his piece in this book, Carter Lindberg quotes Luther from his commentary on Deuteronomy: “’The poor you always have with you,’” quoting John 12:8, “just as you will have all other evils. But constant care should be taken that, since these evils are always in evidence, they are always opposed.”[1] Thus, for Luther, […]

Congregational Discussion Questions — Seeing Ourselves as Parts of One Body: An Exercise in Exploring Racism from a Place of Privilege

Conversation Questions to Use in an Adult Education or Forum Setting If your setting allows it, break into small groups of 3-5 participants made up of people with similar racial/ethnic experience for the first set of questions. If separate racial/ethnic groups are not possible, break into small groups by going around the room, counting off […]

Christian Ethics and the Church: Ecclesial Foundations for Moral Thought and Practice (Baker Academic, 2015)

[1] The Rev. Dr. Philip Turner is a retired but clearly still active veteran of the conflicts within the Episcopal Church U.S.A. Though he does not write about those rifts with any specificity in this rich and constructive book, that discord echoes through the pages of Christian Ethics and the Church. It seems reasonable to […]