Issue: December 2009: Ordaining Women

Volume 9 Number 12

Introduction to Ordaining Women

[1] In the months leading to the 2009 Churchwide Assembly and the votes on rostering people in lifelong, monogamous, same-gender relationships, many drew parallels to the decisions in predecessor church bodies to ordain women. What should the biblical basis be for such a decision? What kind of procedure should be required? What kind of assent […]

The Authority of Scripture, Women’s Ordination and the Lutheran Church of Australia

[1] The Lutheran Church of Australia came into being in 1966 as the result of the union of two Synods, the ELCA and the UELCA.[1] In 1951, as part of the long walk to union, the Joint Intersynodical Committees agreed upon a ten point document on Scripture and Inspiration which formed Section VIII of The […]

Obispa — A New Paradigm in Bolivia

[1] Exactly a year after I started my term as Bishop, I found myself on the way to Bolivia. The Montana Synod of the ELCA is partnered with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bolivia, and a group of us had been invited to celebrate the church’s 70th anniversary. I had some apprehension about the visit. […]

Historical Document: Some Thoughts on the Ordination of Women and the Lutheran Confessions

In October 1981 the United Evangelical Lutheran Church (la Iglesia Evangélica Luterana Unida, IELU) in Argentina voted to permit the ordination of women. IELU took up the issue because there were for the first time women in the seminary preparing to be pastors. While there was opposition to allowing women into the church’s ordained ministry, […]

Ordaining Women Goes to the Heart of the Gospel

Following is a script from a presentation given by Dr. Karen Bloomquist for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Cameroon. [1] Since 1984 the clear official position of the Lutheran World Federation has been in favor of the ordination of women. Now, approximately 63 million, out of a total of 68 million members, belong to LWF […]

Muhlenberg’s Adaptive Ecclesial Order

Henry Melchior Muhlenberg (b. September 6, 1711; d. October 7, 1787) accepted a call to serve as a missionary pastor “to the Lutheran people in the province of Pennsylvania” on his thirtieth birthday, after having served two years as a Lutheran pastor in his native Germany. Following an additional year of preparation, he arrived in […]