In Gratitude

[1] First, thanks go to John Stumme. It was his foresight which concluded that there would be a place for an internet journal centered around such a topic as Lutheran ethics. His wisdom and scholarship have guided what is right and good about the journal. All that falls short is my responsibility. My other colleagues in the Department for Studies, Roger Willer and Ronald Duty, have shared their brilliant ideas on many an occasion. Roger has been acting as co-editor for some time, and it is a pleasure to work with him.

[2] Thanks to the three Web people who have worked on JLE, each of whom has brought his own distinct contribution: David Scott, who conceived and launched the original site, Michael Hauck, who brought database expertise, and Michael Ring, who has had to pick up where his predecessor left off.

[3] Without the community of Lutheran ethicists, their cordial reception, and their tireless work, Journal of Lutheran Ethics would be a hollow shell. Their contributions form the foundation upon which JLE could be built. The liveliness of their community in and of itself proves that there is a future for Lutheran ethics. Our book review editor, Michael Shahan, can charm nearly anyone into writing an excellent review, and searches far and wide for the most appropriate reviewers. Brad Kirkegard and David Miller, our relatively new early church and culture editors, have already added a new dimension.

[4] We have tried to present different perspectives on any issue under discussion in JLE. Success in this depends not just on the will of the editor, however, but also on having access to authors who can articulate those arguments. Members of JLE’s editorial council have proved invaluable for providing fresh perspectives and voices and giving comments on everything from design components to themes we should cover.

[5] Finally, thanks to our readers. You have made it worthwhile to sweat it out once a month through staff changes, computer failures, and network glitches in order to be sure that JLE is where it’s supposed to be. You have no idea how much I appreciate those emails giving compliments on an issue well-presented.

Kaari Reierson

Kaari Reierson is the founding editor of the Journal of Lutheran Ethics and is the Chair of the Journal of Lutheran Ethics Advisory Council.