[1] Journal of Lutheran Ethics owes its existence to the forward thinking of John Stumme and to the faithful support of the community of Lutheran ethicists. As I cleaned out my files at churchwide, I found the stub from my first paycheck, two hundred and forty dollars for compiling results from a survey of Lutheran ethicists about online resources. This developed into a commitment to beginning an online journal, which became Journal of Lutheran Ethics.

[2] Due to go online on September 15, 2001, JLE’s debut was slightly delayed. Web developer David Scott had to rent a car and drive back from California when his flight was cancelled in the wake of 9/11. The events of September 11 have formed us in ways that are too many to count. We could have spent years on just war theory alone.

[3] Through several designs, institutional changes, and stressful times, JLE has consistently published quality scholarship from a variety of perspectives. Because of its medium, JLE was able to publish on short notice — the concise editorial has become a mark of our style, and a supplement to some of the more scholarly papers we published thanks to the dedication and cooperation of Lutheran scholars. In our nearly ten years, well-timed articles on stem cells, just war, and sexuality have had a notable influence in the ELCA, not to mention worldwide Lutherans.

[4] I depart satisfied with the work of JLE, thankful to my colleagues in Studies, and grateful to JLE’s editorial council and the community of Lutheran ethicists.

Kaari Reierson

Kaari Reierson is the founding editor of the Journal of Lutheran Ethics and is the Chair of the Journal of Lutheran Ethics Advisory Council.