Editor’s Introduction: Poverty

According to reliable information, 20% of American children and 13% of all Americans live in poverty. Globally, nearly one-half of the world’s population or approximately 3 billion people live on less than $ 2.50 a day. Given the tragic and widespread reality of poverty, how should Christians respond and how shall we live? This issue of the Journal of Lutheran Ethics addresses this reality and what Christians are called to do in thought, word and deed.


Lutheran Ethicists’ Gathering

Have you considered attending “Christian Reflections on Dying Well in a Technological Society?” This year’s Lutheran Ethicists’ Gathering sponsored by the ELCA’s Theological Discernment Team (January 7-8, 2015 at the Palmer House Hotel, Chicago) will bring together ethically attentive Christians whether ethicists, pastors, chaplains, teachers, or lay people around end-of-life questions. For more information, click

Draft of Social Message on Gender-based Violence

The ELCA Church Council has authorized a social message on gender-based violence. Messages are adopted by the Church Council as a means to encourage learning and moral discourse. A draft is available online through November 26th and public feedback is encouraged. To learn more, click here​. To read the draft and give feedback, click here​.