Editor’s Introduction

In this edition of the Journal of Lutheran Ethics, the perennial issue of whether Christians are called to “keep the law” is explored. While Jon Olson’s article and Robin Mattison’s response center on the Apostle Paul, his Jewish heritage and the extent to which he continued to observe the Sabbath and observe the dietary laws after his conversion, the larger theological question for Lutherans, who draw significantly upon Paul, concerns the so-called “third use of the law” and the controversy among theologians referred to in the 1577 Formula of Concord.


Lutheran Ethicists’ Gathering

Have you considered attending “Christian Reflections on Dying Well in a Technological Society?” This year’s Lutheran Ethicists’ Gathering sponsored by the ELCA’s Theological Discernment Team (January 7-8, 2015 at the Palmer House Hotel, Chicago) will bring together ethically attentive Christians whether ethicists, pastors, chaplains, teachers, or lay people around end-of-life questions. For more information, click here​.

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