Call for Papers 2022

Please consider submitting a paper proposal for the Journal of Lutheran Ethics.  For our submission guidelines, click here

June, 2022

Summer Book Review Issue

Please submit the title and a short description of a book you would like to review.

 Please send proposals for reviews to

 August, 2022 

“Gender Identity, Gender Expression, and Sexuality”

Please consider contributing essays on the ethical dimensions of

*toxic masculinity,

*dealing with a culture of misogyny

*the church’s role in fostering a culture of inclusivity

*queer theory’s role for the church

*other issues on this topic.

Proposals due June 1, 2022 to

October, 2022 

“What does it mean to do church in 2022? What might it mean in the future?”

We are looking for constructive essays that inspire innovation and holy imagination on

* how to finance the church and its leaders ethically and sustainably

* best uses of technology

* creative and ethical staffing solutions

* what it means to be a “member” of a church body or a parish

Proposals due July 1, 2022 to

December, 2022

“No Room at the Inn: An examination of homelessness in the United States and ethical responses.”

Proposals due September 1, 2022 to


Upcoming Issue Ideas for 2023: 

The Ethics of Interfaith Conversations

The Ethics of Climate Change

Issues of Domestic Abuse/ Intimate Partner Abuse and Child abuse

Issues of Aging


Jennifer Hockenbery

Jennifer Hockenbery serves as Editor of the Journal of Lutheran Ethics .  She is Professor of Philosophy and Dean of Humanities at St Norbert College. She attends Grace Lutheran Church in Green Bay, WI.