Between sanctity and depravity: Law and Human Nature in Martin Luther’ Two Kingdoms

Witte discusses (1) the distinctions between the fallen realm and the redeemed realm, the City of Man and the City of God, the Reign of the Devil and the Reign of Christ; (2) the distinctions between the sinner and the saint, the flesh and the spirit, the inner man and the outer man; (3) the distinctions between the visible church and the invisible church, the church as governed by civil law and the church as governed by the Holy Spirit; (4) the distinctions between reason and faith, natural knowledge and spiritual knowledge; and (5) the distinctions between two kinds of righteousness, two kinds of justice, two uses of law.

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This article first appeared in and is © 2003 Villanova Law Review:48 Villanova Law Review, 727-763 (2003)