Author: Will Bergkamp

Will Bergkamp holds degrees from The Moody Bible Institute, The Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, and The University of St. Thomas.  He is currently the Vice President for Business Development and Publisher of the Fortress Press Academic, Education, and Ministry lines at 1517 Media.

Crossroads by Jonathan Franzen

[1] Regular readers of The Journal of Lutheran Ethics may be surprised to see a review of a novel in this issue.  Most of the reviews in these pages are spent, correctly, I think, on considerations of non-fiction and scholarly books that are concerned more directly with ethics and theology.  Occasionally, however, a novel comes […]

Review: Why Buddhism Is True: the Science and Philosophy of Meditation and Enlightenment, by Robert Wright

[1] Religious traditions build on an assessment of the human condition.  Each tradition takes a deep sense of ‘how we are’ as humans and outlines a path to something better, something that takes us beyond – that transcends – the condition that we find ourselves in. [2] What is easy to overlook is the extent […]