Author: Wayne C. Stumme

Workplace Justice and the Church

[1] The parish served by the young minister was in a small town with several factories, one of which was owned by a family prominent in his congregation. The workers were poorly paid and unorganized, and the pastor helped them form a trade union. He was invited to speak at the local Workers’ Association, and […]

Toward a “Protesting” Labor Ethic

A review of A New Protestant Labor Ethic at Work by Ken Estey Cleveland, Ohio: The Pilgrim Press ix and 150 pages Paper. $14.00. Reviewed by Wayne C. Stumme [1] Recently the two Lutheran synods and seminary in my community joined with others to sponsor an impressive conference entitled “The State of Faith: Ethics at […]

Wayne C. Stumme on Lazareth’s Christians in Society

[1] Pastor, theologian, ethicist, ecumenist, bishop: William Lazareth’s lifetime of service in the church is reflected in the concerns and conclusions of this important book. The theology of Martin Luther, he contends, endures as a “classical authority” for the church as it continues to adapt new programs of Christian social ethics. Focusing on the biblical […]